Project Role Location Date
The 1975 "NOACF" Tour Content Creator, Hippo Engineer UK 2020
Calvin Harris LED Systems Engineer Oceana 19/20
The 1975 "PEOPLE" Music Video Technical Director UK 2019
The S.L.P. Live in London Director, Editor UK 2019
The 1975 "MFC" Tour Camera Director, Content Creator, Video Tech Worldwide 2019
Pale Waves (Support Act) Camera Director EU 2019
Guns 'n' Roses Iceland LED Tech Iceland 2018
Harry Styles "Kiwi" Live DoP, Editor Worldwide 2018
Harry Styles World Tour d3 Engineer Worldwide 2018
Galantis 2017 Tour Hippo Engineer, Camera Director, Screens Director USA & UK 2017
Bruno Mars & Taylor Swift - Nomadic Superbowl Party LED Tech USA 2017
NYE Snapchat Party Hippo Engineer & Programmer USA 16/17
KYGO @ Hollywood Bowl Crew Chief & LED Tech USA 2016
Rihanna "Anti" Tour Hippo Engineer Europe 2016
Blink 182 Tour After Effects Master Creator/Consultant, Video Content Creator USA 2016
Zayn Summertime Ball Performance Video Content Creator Great Britain 2016
Zayn Wango Tango Festival Performance Video Content Creator USA 2016
Hollywood Vampires Tour Video Content Creator USA & Europe 2016
Zayn iHeart Radio Album Launch Video Content Creator USA 2016
Rihanna "Anti" Tour Hippo Engineer USA & Canada 2016
Rihanna @ The Brits Rehearsals d3 Engineer & After Effects Editor London 2016
Imagine Dragons "Smoke & Mirrors" Tour Media Server Engineer, Content Creator Europe & Far East 2015
Imagine Dragons "Smoke & Mirrors" Tour Media Server Engineer, Climbing LED Tech & Content Editor USA & Canada 2015
Queen + Adam Lambert Tour Head LED Tech & HH Camera Europe 2015
Kylie "KissMeOnce" Tour LED Tech & Long Lens Camera Europe 2014
JayZ & B "On The Run" Hippo Engineer Paris 2014
Made In America Festival Hippo & Video Engineer Los Angeles 2014
JayZ & B "On The Run" Tour Hippo Engineer USA & Canada 2014
Lily Allen Album Launch Hippo Programmer SBE, London 2014
Anglian Awards Hippo Programmer UK 2014
Steve Aoki LED Tech UK 2014
JayZ "MCWT" Hippo Tech USA & Canada 2013 - 2014
Rihanna "Diamonds World Tour" Hippo Engineer USA & Canada 2013
Rihanna "Diamonds World Tour" Hippo Engineer & Programmer Europe 2013
Rihanna "Diamonds World Tour" Programmer & Content Editor Rest of World 2013
MexFest Building Projection Hippo Programmer Richmix, London 2013
Rihanna/Shakira/J-Lo @ Baku Hippo Tech & Programmer Baku, Azerbaijan 2012
Mercedes Benz "Drive Thru" Hippo Engineer/Consultant Selfridges, London 2012
Noah & The Whale Tour Video Engineer England 2012
Batman World Tour Hippo Support Consultant England 2012
Tupac Martir's "Nierka" Support & Content Management London 2012
Warhorse Video Operator West End, London 2012
ADIDAS Fasion Week Head of Video Department London 2012
Inchcape "Horizon" TM & Video Programmer London 2012
Red Bull X-Fighters Hippo Programmer London 2012
IOW Festival, Interview Stage Hippo Programmer London 2012
NYB "Old Man of Loch Nagar" Video Designer & Content England 2012
NYB "Ballet Chocolat" Content & Programmer England 2011
Link Dance "Projections Hippo Programmer Urdang, England 2011
Beyonce "4" Tour Associate Video Designer & Hippo Engineer France 2011